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RSZ has been around since 1955. Originated from the Slotemaker Slip School of the legendary Rob Slotemaker, who also wanted to teach people more about driving on Circuit Zandvoort after skidding. How Rensportschool Zandvoort came into existence can be read below. In any case, many well-known names have been trained over the years during the institute's racing courses in the motorsport field. Think of names such as: Jan Lammers, Tom Coronel, Job van Uitert, Jaap van Lagen, Beitske Visser and Niels Langeveld, who can all be found on our iconic challenge cups. Check out who else has won these trophies at the bottom of this page and maybe you'll get it if you participate in an RSZ Race Course!

  • Since 1955
  • Rob Slotemaker
  • RSZ: a team of more than 50 enthusiastic people
  • Incentives, Track Days and courses

At the end of the 50s, Rensportschool Zandvoort was founded by the legendary Rob Slotemaker. At that time, Rob was also active with his well-known anti-slip school, right next to the circuit on a dead end.

The ideas for founding both the skid school and the racing school were acquired by Rob during his training as a fighter jet pilot at Soesterberg. The snow-covered runways provided a perfect training ground to try out all of his skidding techniques and racing ideas.

The uniqueness of Rob Slotemaker was that he could not only explain how something had to be done, but also why. Even today Rensportschool Zandvoort uses this clear teaching method, assisted by a large number of former students and often very successful drivers.

Rob started the Rensportschool together with the gifted motorcycle tuner Henk van Zalinge. The name was derived from the word 'Auto'racing', based on the German word for motorsport: 'Running'. During the winter months, training sessions were organized on Saturday afternoons, mainly for their friends and acquaintances. This setup quickly grew into the institute for upcoming racers in the Netherlands!

After the fatal death of Rob Slotemaker in 1979, Henk van Zalinge continued the school with the help of racing driver Dick van Iperen. The multiple European Champion in touring and formula cars Huub Vermeulen was approached for the position of chief instructor.

After a few years Henk van Zalinge decided to move to sunnier places and handed over Rensportschool Zandvoort to the duo Van Iperen / Vermeulen. Both felt that this unique training should not be lost. It was decided to continue on the road that Rob had marked out.

In addition to the traditional winter course, the school also organized circuit programs for companies and driving training for various car brands in the early 90s. Due to the growing activities, former student and social security instructor Frank Kerseboom was asked to join the management team in 1999. The wish was also expressed that Kerseboom would continue the school independently in the future. In the years that followed, the oldest racing school in the Netherlands (with more than 50 freelance instructors and employees) grew into the largest and most successful racing school in the Netherlands…

After 30 years of involvement with RSZ, the 3-time Dutch Touring Car Champion took over full management of the heritage from Rob Slotemaker. Huub Vermeulen and Dick van Iperen took a step back but remained frequently involved in the versatile RSZ activities. Like his famous predecessors, Frank Kerseboom continued the famous racing school of Rob Slotemaker for many years with an enthusiastic and sporty policy.

In the summer of 2019, Frank Kerseboom will transfer Rensportschool Zandvoort to Marth de Graaf, who will now continue the company under the co-evolved name RSZ Autosport.

Marth graduated from the Johan Cruyff Academy but has also been intensively involved with RSZ for 16 years. He knows all the ins and outs of the school and, by combining this experience with a fresh and dynamic impulse, he is the ideal person to give RSZ Autosport a new future. The successful driver and much sought-after private instructor will continue to expand RSZ Autosport to meet today's requirements and conditions, while retaining the ingredients that have made the company successful for 65 years.